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IoT solutions for Business Intelligence

Let improve your business by collecting complex data and extract the best readable information.

What we do

Atheris services empowers your business through IoT solutions and Business Intelligence.

Data management

We developed Owlata, a high end data analytics platform. It let you see information out of data. It works real-time, with automated processes, offers powerful analysis features and AI prediction and monitoring.

Smart cameras

We make devices with embedded computer vision systems like smart cameras. Those can perform industrial validation and measurement or intelligent surveillance and are able to detect and understand their surrounding environment.


We build your solution with the adequate geolocation technologies to track people and assets in real-time. We know advanced geolocation and work with proven technologies.

Sectors we work for


Executives of manufacturing companies showed a great interest in the use of environment and vision sensors, and systems reducing operational risks and solving the problems of downtime. A great part of organizations wants to use IoT for monitoring the operation infrastructure as there is a constant need to connect modern machines with legacy technology.


Logistics companies are to ensure just-in-time delivery, supply chain visibility, product lifecycle transparency and quality services. The success of any logistics company lies in efficient inventory management and warehousing, automation of internal business processes, fast delivery and taking care of safe storage and quality of goods. Supply chain monitoring, vehicle tracking, inventory management, safe transportation and automation of processes are the key to IoT applications and the principal components of connected logistics systems.


From passenger security and fleet management to assembly processes and delivery times, the transportation industry needs solutions that move its people and cargo safely and efficiently. End-to-End Visibility, Warehouse and Yard Management, Fleet Management and automation of processes are the key to IoT systems.

Smart cities

The new Internet of Things (IoT) applications are enabling Smart City initiatives worldwide. It provides the ability to remotely monitor, manage and control devices, and to create new insights and actionable information from massive streams of real-time data. Intelligent recognition, location, tracking, monitoring and management with the technical support from IoT make city instrumented, interconnected and smart.


The healthcare industry is likely to be the industry that uses big data and IoT devices most of all. The key benefits it gets from the Internet of Things are the reduction of costs and the improvement of performance in fast environments. A lot of organizations all over the world use patient monitors, moving cameras, trackers, and other wearables connected to the network. As a result of IoT introduction in the healthcare organizations, costs have been significantly cut.


The Internet of Things is likely to have a tremendous impact, as all types of organizations will look to connect their devices, enhance security and create ‘smart surveillance’ solutions. IoT for security can make surveillance, operation monitoring, estimate the traffic on production sites large areas or crowded zones, etc. With smart surveillance and sensing systems, cameras can be programmed to trigger notifications which help reduce costs and improve the overall security.


Smart farming based on IoT technologies will enable growers and farmers to reduce waste and enhance productivity ranging from the quantity of fertilizer utilized to the number of journeys the farm vehicles have made. In IoT-based smart farming, a system is built for monitoring the crop field with the help of sensors (light, humidity, temperature, soil moisture, etc.) and automating the irrigation system. The farmers can monitor the field conditions from anywhere.


The Internet of Things evolution has added value to retail business operations. The most popular app providing better customer experience creates store location services. Customers are able to get personalized messages containing special offers and shopping information. Most retailers using IoT say that it enhanced the buying experience and business profit.


The Internet of Things enables marketers to create totally different experiences in bridging the digital and physical world and certainly when they dare to think out of the box and beyond the pure aspect of personalized messaging.


Owlata, an all in one, IoT oriented data management and analytic system. It collect and process data, extract analytic, share results and integrate advanced predictive processes. Its modularity makes it fit your specific needs while its openness let it connect to your existing systems at any level.

Owlata is based on five main ideas: Monitor data and devices, Easily extract relevant information, Process and combine data, Predict events, Share information and report.

To achieve those goals, Owlata provides a flexible architecture that help you make the platform adapt to any of you custom business context. This result in Owlata being a powerful asset for understanding your data, controlling your devices, and sending the right trigger your ICT system.


IoT solutions

Atheris Services provides custom IoT (Internet of things) solutions. From technology integration and hardware design to data treatment and user application. We build dedicated solutions for specific problematics, especially in computer vision and geolocation.

# Custom measurement device

Data are valuable for businesses and can be collected in many different ways. Data from you customers behavious, your assets status and movements, the surrounding environment etc. Most data can be collected through specific sensors and monitoring devices.
Atheris builds and develop custom devices for any specific business needs. We believe even the strongest constraints may be overcome with the right tools and technology.

# Tracking / Geolocation

Atheris work with proven technologies to build the perfect tracking devices that matches your needs. We provide real-time indoor and outdoor tracking within power efficient devices. Every use case is different and need the proper technological ingredient to work fine. GNSS, UWB, BLE technologies, or combinations, we bring your business into the real-time 4.0 industry.


# Computer Vision

Atheris develop specific Computer Vision system that fit your business case. Our Smart cameras systems matches real-time constraints and can adapt to complex requirements. Your needs require the right tool, in the right case. We build embedded or decentralised camera systems build upon DNN (Deep Neuronal Network) and pattern recognition.


How we work


Custom IoT device

Atheris builds custom IoT devices to collect data. We provide an expertise in Computer Vision and geolocation.


Data management

Owlata enhance data through different processes. It let you take control of your data and easilly take the most of it.


Business layer

Each business is different. We develop the dedicated layer that connect your new tools to your existing system and personel.

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