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What we do

Atheris services offers IoT (Internet of things) development solutions

Internet of things (IoT) are smart connected devices helping your business. Those devices have embedded AI software, sensors or interfaces, and a network connectivity. It enables them to interact with their environment, take smart decisions and communicate with the real world. IoT solutions can lead to many different industrial or home usages and human interactions. We build IoT devices for dedicated problematics, especially through our following expertises:

Real-Time systems

We build systems with real-time constraints as UAV's and other system interacting in a fast moving environment.

Vision interaction

We make devices with smart cameras. Perform industrial validation and measurement through vision, intelligent surveillance able to detect and have dynamic focus, or UAV's understanding their surrounding environment.

Advanced Geolocation

We build your solution with the adequate geolocation technologies to track people and assets in real-time. We know advanced geolocation and work with proven technologies.

What is IoT

We build IoT solutions on five ideas. 1. IoT devices interact with their environment, 2. IoT devices take decisions, 3. IoT devices communicate with the web, 4. collected data from many devices can be processed, 5. operator can manage the system from a single dashboard.

Measurement and human interaction

In many fields IoT is used to measure and interact wit the world. With infrastructures, the environment, customers etc. IoT devices are easily fixed in every critical stage of production and service line. On flying drone through cameras, at a help desks through tactile interfaces and chatbots, along a pipe through various sensors.

Smart device

IoT Devices can be autonomous through artificial intelligence. This allow devices to take actions from their measurements. Having a drone autonomously measure closely a field area, security camera focusing on movement, a helpdesk terminal chat with customers or sensors communicating on a pipe to identify the bottleneck location.

Data collection

IoT are connected devices. They communicate data with the outer world. Live data collection allows applications to fasten your reaction in case of incident. In another hand, you can also plan long term data collection for post-processing analysis.

Data to information

Post-processing programs can analyze big amount of data to provide you the desired information. They can be integrated with existing software to extend your existing solutions.


Dashboard bring the right information to the end users. Rising alarms if abnormal situation is discovered or simply allowing the supervisor to monitor. By extracting the relevant information out of the amount of data, dashboarding help you make smarter and faster decisions. Working with an infrastructure or with a human being, IoT can help you improve your business.

What makes your IoT project unique is the step aside of one of those five ideas. We build and develop on demand IoT solutions based on our performant and flexible core solution which allow us to adapt a proven system to your needs.


Owlata is an all in one, IoT oriented data management system. It collect and process data, extract analytics, share results and data-sets out of multiple sources of data. The system interacts with many data providers as LoRa, Sigfox and dedicated IoT networks. Its modularity makes it easy to fit your specific needs while its openness makes it connected to your existing systems at any level.




Project delivery

We advise and work together defining your project requirements. Atheris build, develop, and deliver your solution.


Project expertise

We work with you to develop part of your project that matches our expertise's.



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